Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February Prayer Requests

How you can be Praying for WGM Uganda
Please pray for the physical & spiritual health of the missionaries & their families.

Southern Uganda Missionaries

        Jonathan  & Lisa Mayo (Jordan & Ethan) (Home Ministry Assignment)
       Kenneth  & Delight Hopson (Kaleb, Austin, & Emilee)    
       Lisa Fish  (Home Ministry Assignment)
       John &  Beth Muehleisen (Home Ministry Assignment)  
       Jean Komline  (teaching first grade at Heritage)
       Karli Elsrod  (teaching physical education at Heritage) 
       Jessie  Mittleman (teaching art at Heritage)
       Christina  Maddalone (web and marketing development for WGM Africa)

Northern Uganda Missionaries

         Billy &  Joanna Coppedge (Elsie Jayne & Lucy Mae)

Eastern Uganda Missionaries

       Michael and Brenda  Guilliams (Luke - preschooler) working in the Jinja area in pastoral  training/community health and development

New Missionaries Preparing to Serve Throughout Uganda
  • Josh and Kelly  Hallahan (Caleb & Seth - preschoolers) will be the chaplain at Heritage  International School, working with university students  
  • Scott and Meg  Rambo (Timothy - preschooler) will be in Arua working with  Coppedges    
  • John and Nancy  Ferg (Carly & Jamie - both in high school) will be in Kampala helping with  maintenance
  • Matt and Joy  (Morse) Burke (Judah & Lily - preschoolers) will be working with pastoral  training/community health & development
    Uganda Field Pastors
    • Rick and Janie Burkhalter (visit  Uganda missionaries twice each year)

    Ministry Praises and Prayer Requests

    Pray for the Hallahan family as  they will be participating in WGM’s Orientation Camp in February. Especially  pray for safe travel and for their kids to stay healthy and happy during this  time away from home. They also ask for continued prayer to bring in their  support. They are now at 72% and want to be fully funded by the end of March.  

    Kenneth Hopson flew to the  States last night for the funeral of his 43-year-old stepbrother who died  unexpectedly. Pray for the Hopson family during this difficult time of grief.  

    The Coppedge family will be  traveling to Tanzania and Congo from February 12 through the end of March for  language learning. Pray for God’s protection during their travels from danger  and illness.

    The income tax situation at  Heritage is still unresolved. Please continue to pray for God's intervention.   

    The Uganda field has an urgent  need for a business manager/treasurer. We don't have anyone at this point to  fill this very important position.  

    Please pray for the MK’s during  this school year:  Kaleb (10th grade), Austin and Jordan (8th grade), and  Emilee and Ethan (6th grade).

    Uganda will hold presidential and parliamentary elections on  February 18. Please pray for peace during the time leading up to the elections  and afterwards when the results are announced.

    Pray for safety, health and wisdom for the Mayos as they  adjust and travel in the USA to share how God is working in Uganda.  Pray for Lisa and the boys as they  homeschool during their time in the US.
      Ongoing Prayer Requests for the Field

      Pray for Sudan as the government  works toward the reorganization into two separate countries that peace will  prevail.

      Please continue to pray for the  field housing situation.  With rent increases and more missionaries  arriving, the need for affordable field housing continues to remain a need.   

      Please pray for the pastoral  training program in 2011. The training syllabus is being updated and revised  to a new discipleship/scriptural knowledge/leadership model.  

      The Africa Gospel Church will be  going through a time of transition in 2011 as they have now received their  registration from the Uganda government. They will be learning how to govern  themselves as well as how to budget the church's finances. This is a huge step  in the life of the Africa Gospel Church.  

      Pray for the Community Health  Empowerment ministry (CHE). Pray that those involved in this ministry will be  true servants of Jesus Christ and will help lead not only their local churches  but also their communities toward transformation.  

      Please pray for the youth  pastors’ training as well as the new devotional book that is being printed for  the youth who are away at school.  

      Please pray as we continue to  look at new areas for outreach. New ministries have already begun in South  Sudan. We are now looking at ministry opportunities in the Democratic Republic  of Congo, and 5 strategic locations within Uganda.  

      Please pray that the Lord will  provide 42 new missionaries in the next 10 years to meet the needs of the  expanding ministries.  

      Please pray for the printing  ministry that Kenneth and Delight Hopson are involved with. The print shop  touches every area of ministry of WGM in Uganda.  

      Please pray for land to be  purchased to build an Urban Center or to be able to purchase land with an  existing building for multi-purpose ministries in Kampala.  This Urban  Center would be a place for the 600 plus students from 11 African countries in  the University Ministry. It would be a multi-purpose building for a church to  reach professionals, a place to begin businesses or to rent out to other  businesses to help fund the ministries of the church.  

      Please pray that God will  provide the necessary resources to meet the needs within all of the ministry  opportunities.  

      Please pray that we would all  have the attitude of Christ, that we would keep Him the center focus of our  lives, marriages, families, & ministries, and that we would be a light to  Uganda.

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        1. My brother is a missionary in Uganda as well. My daughter and her family leave for Ghana this September. God bless and keep you safe and use you greatly!


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