Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Entering Congo?!

Moses seeing the Promised Land Afar
Moses and God's people failed to enter in to their possession.  They fixed their eyes on the giants and trembled.  But now, in Joshua 6, God's people have wandered, they have crossed the Jordan, and they face one more battle before they can enter in to the Promised Land.  Jericho's walls were shut up tight.  But God said- I've given them into you hand- the.walls.will.come.down.  

And that is what we're praying for Congo- for the walls to come down! 

From Billy Coppedge:
We are trying to organize a short visit to Aru, Congo which is just across the border from Arua, Uganda. It would be for this  weekend, probably leaving Saturday/Sunday coming back Monday/Tuesday. Our Baptist friends, the Taylors are leading the team but they've graciously made room for Scott if everything comes together. 

We would love for Scott to get across the border and begin/continue some reconnaissance for us on eastern DRC. Time on the ground is priceless. But we've also tried to make several survey trips before that were all planned and then last minute got squished. Would you pray that if this is God's timing, (which we believe it is) then He would open the door and specifically the relationships that we could connect with? Safety, border crossings, language, ears to hear and eyes to see, questions to ask, health, traveling mercies are a few of the specific requests. -B.C.

Would you gather your praying friends and pray this week for open doors, and walls to come down in regards to Congo?  Leave a comment and let us know you're standing with us!  Let's march around the city with praise in our hearts, standing on the promises He's given, and watch what the Lord will do!  


  1. This is very exciting and I do pray for safe travel and good connections. Our Lord and Savior is mighty indeed and can knocks those walls down.

  2. So happy to hear that you are going over, Scott!!! We will be praying and will ask that Jesus will give you an expectant heart to connect, see, and hear as you go.
    Blessings and favor and dreams

  3. Hi - I will be joining you in prayer that God will open the way for you. Praying God will speak clearly His will for you.
    Brenda H


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