Sunday, January 29, 2012

God is NOT defeated!

from Scott Rambo:

the day didn't go quite as we had planned. But God is not defeated.

We arrived at the border crossing (Uganda side) and had some trouble getting through one of the Congolese pastors who was traveling with us. We were disappointed that he was being sent back to Arua to have some paperwork processed, but were assured that once it was cleared up he would be able to join us on the other side. I think they were hoping that we would try to "grease the wheels" a bit and, after we left him there to take a boda-boda back to Arua, they let him go through anyway and he was able to join us on the Congo side. God was NOT defeated.

And then we got to the Congo side and were able to get through part of the red tape just fine. They sent us on to the next point where we would be issued our actual visas. That is where things went downhill. We were pretty sure that the visa should only be about $50 (indeed others were paying $50), but they office was insisting on $140. We couldn't justify spending money that had been entrusted to us like that and started figuring out if we should leave. Meanwhile, one of the pastors traveling with us went in to town and found some of the elder pastors to see if they might be able to find a way forward. They were not able and we got back in the car and came back home to Arua. We got into Congo, but just barely. But God is not DEFEATED.

I came home and was talking to Meg. I was frustrated, annoyed, disappointed, etc. Meg looked at me and said, "Joshua had to march around Jericho 7 times, this was 1." And you know what, she's right. We may have been delayed. We may have felt like we wasted a day. We may have felt confronted. BUT GOD IS NOT DEFEATED!! We know that anytime God's people are stepping out in faith to follow God's plan there is going to be opposition, it shouldn't surprise us. But we can trust in the fact that even though there is opposition today, God has already won the war. (Incidentally, you can read a blog post from our friends the Coppedges on just this same idea here).

We don't know when the next time we will have a chance to step onto Congolese soil, but we are ready to keep marching whenever that call comes. God is not defeated, He is the Victor!

We are more convinced than ever that we need you standing in prayer with us. We don't want to be bowed down by opposition. Will you commit anew to lifting up our family, this ministry, and the nation of Congo? Will you bow before the God who will NEVER be defeated on our behalf?

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