Tuesday, February 7, 2012

East Africa Expedition

Billy (left) and Scott (right) with Bishop of Lui and his family
Let me give you the rundown of what things are looking like for the Arua Team starting this week:

FIRST OF ALL- Pray for Scott's Visa into the Congo!! **UPDATE- Visa in hand! THANK YOU FOR PRAYING!
  • 8 February, travel to Nebbi, Uganda to meet with a pastor whom Billy Coppedge knows from Bunia, DRCongo. He is passing through as he travels and has a few hours he wants to give us.
  • 16 February, Scott Rambo travels back to Aru, DRC (where we turned back at the border less than a week ago) to fly to Isiro, DRC. Isiro is a town in Northeastern Congo that God keeps putting on our hearts and bringing back into discussions. He'll spend several days there until,
  • 21 February, Scott will fly to Bunia, DRC for several days. Bunia is one of the more major towns in Northeastern Congo, and even has a interdenominational Christian university that has potential ministry opportunities.
  • 21 February, Billy Coppedge  will travel to Kenya to lead a Biblical Orality workshop for a medical (optics) team from Tenwek Hospital.
  • 24 February, Scott will fly from Bunia to Entebbe, Uganda and Billy will fly from Kenya to Entebbe to help lead a PTOT (Pastoral Training of Trainers) on using Bible Storying in preaching and evangelism with some colleagues in Kampala. The participants of this training are the men and women responsible for training the Africa Gospel Church pastors here in Uganda. This will take place on 27 February.
  • 28 February, Billy and Scott will fly to South Sudan to meet with a bishop and pastors there to plan a way forward in our working together. We also hope to sit down with a missionary there who is already using some Small Media Devices in ways similar to how we are envisioning using them as part of our oral strategy.
  • 1 March, We fly back home to Arua where we are reunited with our families and joined by our country coordinator, Jonathan Mayo, for a time of debriefing and strategizing.

Please pray for:
  • The right relationships to be formed and deepened.
  • Clarity on to whom and to where God is leading.
  • Physical and spiritual over our family, these plans, and all those involved.
  • Meg and the Rambo boys, & Joanna and the Coppedge girls, as they hold down the home front.

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  1. thanks for the post. It will definitely be printed out and prayed over. Much wisdom, protection, open doors and favor over you all!!


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