Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Jon Mayo: Roving Reporter

Pastor James Ouma and Pastor Emmy Mugisha with church members
Jon Mayo sent periodic text messages throughout the weekend.  Here are the roving reporter's own words:
  • 5:30pm Friday:  We have safely arrived in Amudat.  The road was not great, but I have seen and been on worse roads.  Thankfully it is dry or it would have been worse. 
  • 7:30pm Friday:  We have just finished meeting with some of the pastors and church members and now beginning the wait to eat.  
  • 9:30pm Saturday:  We were up by 6am had breakfast at our first home by 7am.  We then drove some miles on bad roads and roads that we made up to reach the second location where a church member has given about 10 acres for the church.  Then on to the first church by foot. Had a short service and walked back to the vehicle.  We continued on bad roads for over 10 miles to reach second church.  Another service then off to a home for rice and beans and tea, and prayers.  Drove another 5 miles, parked the van and started walking for over an hour to reach third church.  Had a short service, then rice and beans and tea.  We then walked the one hour back in the dusk and dark.  We then drove back to Amudat on bad roads, in the dark.  Before we could go to our rooms there was roasted Dik Dik meat, chapatis and more tea.  Not sure when we will head to bed.  The love of Jesus was so warm everywhere we went.  This is Africa and I love it.
  • 4:50pm Sunday:  Yes, we are on the road. Finally. Very late. 
  • 8:30pm Sunday:  Well, I should not have been surprised, but we did not leave the church until 4pm.  Four of the churches had come together.  We found out there is now a fifth church but it was too far for them to come and even too far for us to reach this time.  We have just reached the tarmac (paved) road which is still some distance from Mbale.  I have taken a break from driving.  Kennedy will drive us into Mbale.  The roads have not been good.  Thank you for praying!  We still have a long way to go.  
  • 8:00am Monday:  Thank you all for praying.  We arrived back in Kampala after 1am in the morning.  It was a quick, tiring trip, but well worth it all.  We felt the presence of Jesus with us the whole time.  Once again thank you for praying.

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