Monday, February 13, 2012

Ministry Highlight: Arua Team

As we have said, the Arua Team's vision is for people to encounter the Word of God, both the person of Jesus and the Scriptures. We believe that is the primary way God brings about Biblical transformation. In creating space for people to encounter the Word of God, we see one of our roles as assisting the national Church in developing training strategies; particularly how church leaders can incorporate oral methods like Bible storytelling.

What does that look like? Well...
Practically our calender for the next three weeks is a great illustration of how we are trying to both explore new training opportunities as well as come alongside those whom we have already been working.

February 16-24: Scott Rambo will be in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo exploring ministry opportunities and relationships
February 22-26: Billy will be in Kenya facilitating a Bible storying training for the Tenwek Hospital Eye Team
February 27: Along with the national training team, Scott and Billy will be helping to facilitate a Pastoral Training of Trainers for Africa Gospel Church Uganda in Kampala
February 28-29: Scott and Billy will be in South Sudan for two days, specifically meeting with church leaders in Akot to discuss future training opportunities
Dwight Eisenhower said the greatest challenges to organizing D-Day was logistics and communication. As funny as it may seem, the analogies between military battles and spiritual battles are many. Our experience has been similar to Ike's in that faulty logistics and/or the inability to communicate expectations clearly is where problems most often originate. So many of you are already a part of our team and are carrying us in prayer. Thank you. We are asking you to continue as God unfolds these next weeks for our team. Specifically you can pray for smooth logistics, clear communication and the right relationships in each ministry opportunity. 
We said that one of our roles is assisting national Church leadership. But that is not the only role our family and team have in Arua. We do not have to go to Congo or Sudan for people to encounter Jesus.  It is our joy as a family to seek to create a home in Arua, amidst daily life with four little people, where people can sense His presence and hear His voice. Today that was dropping James, a Sudanese friend, off at the taxi park this morning. He's a good friend and it has been our joy to live life together this last week. Tomorrow we have the privilege of going to visit another friend, Jennifer, whose grandmother just passed away.  And as you can imagine with 3 month old twins, there already has been and will be a lot of diapers in between both experiences:) But this is what Jesus has called us to and we feel so grateful for the privilege to live and work among people in East Africa. We can only agree with the testimony of those from Mark 7:37, "...He does all things well."
 For more updates on how God keeps unfolding these opportunities, feel free to follow our blog at

If you were following Scott's visa saga last week and wondered what his own thoughts were on the situation, head over to their blog and read his own words!  We are so excited to see God acting mighty on our behalf, but ultimately for His own kingdom!

On the Road with the Rambos

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