Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ministry Highlight: CHE Training

Lunch at CHE Training in Arua: Sept 2011
Last week we mentioned being involved in a ministry called Community Health Evangelism (CHE). One of the concepts we teach is “seed projects.” These are short-term good deeds done by those being trained as volunteers in our CHE ministry within their own communities.

Let’s find out what happens when a seed project is done.

Martin’s seed project was to repair a leaking roof of an old Muslim lady’s hut in his community.  As Martin and another pastor worked on the roof, many people in the community stopped as they passed by to watch and to ask questions.

“Why are you doing this? She doesn’t even belong to your church. As a matter of fact, she isn’t even a Christian.”

These were just a few of the comments coming from the spectators. Their curiosity gave Martin an open door to begin sharing about the CHE ministry and the responsibility that believers have to love their neighbors through their actions regardless of their religious affiliation.

Martin’s seed project not only affected the community. The Muslim lady also began to attend his church because she wanted to know why a Christian would come to repair her hut.

This is just one of many seed projects that have been done by CHE participants in different communities since we began teaching about them last April, and every time a seed project is done, the question is always the same: “Why are you doing this?”

It makes no sense to those who aren’t saved, and it also speaks to those who are saved that they, too, should actively love those around them who have needs.

There are currently three series of CHE training workshops going on in three different areas of Uganda with 65 participants. Pray for communities to catch the vision of CHE so that they can be transformed into places of godly living.

God has also opened up the door for us to go to South Sudan with the CHE ministry. Our first training workshop will be held in Tonj April 23-27 with 20 people coming for the training.

We can’t wait to see what God is going to do in Uganda, South Sudan, and across Africa as those who are trained go back into their communities as repairers of broken down walls and rebuilders of burned gates.

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