Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Women and Children

Some WGM Wives and Kids

"I just don't want to feel like the ministry is always leaving my house... I need to participate..."  -Meg Rambo.  

As the mom of little ones on the mission field, there is sometimes the feeling of 'I'm missing all the action'.  But it doesn't have to be that way!  Meg called each one of us this week and laid down a challenge- "Take this week and pray seriously about where God wants your family next term."  At first, it seemed like the men's job to scout out the land and listen for the voice of the Lord... but the Holy Spirit can speak just as clearly to us wives, even if we're not on the road!  Praise Him! 

And... that means something for you too!  Just because you may not be on the mission field does not mean you're missing all the action!  Oswald Chambers said, "Prayer does not fit us for the greater work; prayer is the greater work.".  We need you to fight for us!  Will you lift up each family this week, will you cover us in prayer?

While the wives and kids "stay with the stuff" will you pray for each one by name?

Joanna- Elsie Jayne, Lucy, Sophie and Chloe
Kelly- Caleb and Seth
Joy- Judah and Lily
Meg- Tim, Ben, and Josiah

Thank you for standing with us!  We're grateful!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Survey Trip: Beni DRC and Mbarara UG

On Wednesday, Billy Coppedge, Josh Friedeman, Josh Hallahan, Kennedy Kirui (Kenya), James Ouma (Uganda), and Scott Rambo will depart from Kampala on a week long survey trip:
A- Kampala
B- Fort Portal, Uganda
C- Beni, DRC
D- Mbarara
E- Kampala

Pray for these men as they seek Jesus for future ministry opportunities, and for divine appointments with men and women who can give them insight into the culture and lay of the land. And pray for their wives and children as they "stay with the stuff".

"We're asking Jesus for some Rahabs- relationships that can help us understand the land..." -Billy Coppedge

Friday, July 20, 2012

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Save the Date

August 3- Prayer and Fasting for Africa Gospel Church Uganda.  Will you fast and pray for the church here- for the current leaders, new leaders, members...  Can you sign up for an hour time slot? 

If you are going to join us- please leave your time slot/short prayer in the comments (and a request, we'll pray for you too).   This is a pivotal time in the life of the church.  Will you stand with us?

Friday, July 6, 2012

Weekend Links

Summer is a great time to step up your missions activity! 

Do you know a young person going on a mission trip this summer?  You can always give financially.  But you can also pray for them daily from now until the week after they return.  You can host a fundraiser.  You can offer to help them organize their thoughts and photos for a church update slide show.  Host a welcome back dinner for the team.  Use your talents and support that youth group mission trip

Need other ideas for a stay-at-home missions this summer??  This post has lots of great links!

Tired of staying at home each summer?  Contact WGM and start planning your visit!  We would love to host you, your family or your team in Uganda!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July Prayer Update

Ministry Praises and Requests
  • Please pray for the family of James Gammon who died on Friday. He is Kenneth Hopson’s cousin.
  • Praise God for the recent youth team hosted by Hopsons. The team ministered to over two hundred children during their time in Uganda.
  • Praise God for continuous safety and provision for all of the WGM missionaries and families.
  • Pray for the Spirit’s anointing and guidance as Billy Coppedge, Scott Rambo, Josh Hallahan, and Matt Burke plan a ministry survey trip 25-31 July to the towns of Beni and Mbarara.
  • Please pray for wisdom as various staff members begin planning for the coming school years at Heritage and Kampala International University and other university ministries.
  • Continue to pray for Beth Coppedge as she has started chemotherapy for breast cancer. Thank you for your prayers for peace and healing.
  • WGM is praying for wisdom and seeking to develop the internship program at United Faith Chapel/Kampala International University. We are praying for students to be called by God, equipped and sent out to universities across East Africa. We are praying that by the end of this year 4 interns are equipped and resourced to go out to another university beyond KIU.
  • We are praying for consistent pastoral leadership here at UFC/KIU. Kennedy Kirui continues to be a valuable resource as we seek to grow the university ministry and we are seeking the Lords wisdom and guidance as we partner with Kennedy.
  • Be in prayer for Raymond and Nicole Leisure (volunteers) as they wind up their HMA and get ready to come to Uganda in August.
  • The field wants to mobilize more prayer warriors to join us in praying for the ongoing ministries. Pray that we will find creative ways to engage new praying people and that God will give the desire to pray for Africa to many in our supporting churches.
  • Pray for wisdom in how to foster the next generation of church planters.
  • The printing ministry has grown by leaps and bounds and Kenneth now needs more space. Pray that God will provide the funds needed ($10,000) to build the addition.
  • Pray for 300 new youth converts across Uganda during this year and at least 100 to actively participate in a discipleship program.
  • John and Beth Muehleisen will be traveling to Tonj, South Sudan for the second Community Health Empowerment workshop. This will be held 7-12 July. Pray for all of the participants to catch a vision of what God wants to do through them in their communities.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Joy and Sadness

Emmy Mugisha (center, glasses and grey shirt)
In the Kingdom of Heaven there are many paradoxes. A couple that I have experienced this past week are grief and joy along with sadness and celebration. Rev. James Ouma, in his sermon, this morning said that as we mourn, we also celebrate the life of Rev. Emmy Mugisha. Emmy was an integral part of  AGC Uganda and WGM Uganda and leaves behind a great legacy through his various ministries and positions in the church.
We were all stunned to receive the news last Sunday that Emmy was now enjoying Jesus face-to-face. As I sat through the services at AGC Kisugu and the burial out in the village what struck me was how influential this man was even though he had only been a Christian for 13 years and had so very little in the way of material possessions. He died living out the Great Commission as he impacted his family, community, and people in Kenya, South Sudan, and the States.
His wife, Winnie, and their 4 children will certainly miss Emmy’s presence in their lives. Pray for comfort, peace, and strength for them as they adjust to a life without Emmy. Pray that God will cover them with His feathers and that they will find refuge under His wings.
AGC Uganda will also miss Emmy. He filled so many different roles and served in so many places. Just to name a few—General Secretary for AGC Uganda as a whole, acting overseer for Soroti area, director of youth ministries, training for pastors and youth pastors, and the list goes on. Pray that young men and women will be challenged by Emmy’s life and give themselves wholly to serving God, filling in the many ministry gaps.
Of course, WGM Uganda will also miss Emmy. He was a friend, a brother, a co-worker. Always wearing a huge smile, he inspired us in the work that God has called us to do. Pray that we will do Kingdom work with the same enthusiasm and zeal that Emmy had.
If God could do so much for and through a man who was saved just 13 years ago, what could He do in and through you and me if we yielded ourselves completely to His power? 
-Beth Muehleisen