Monday, July 2, 2012

Joy and Sadness

Emmy Mugisha (center, glasses and grey shirt)
In the Kingdom of Heaven there are many paradoxes. A couple that I have experienced this past week are grief and joy along with sadness and celebration. Rev. James Ouma, in his sermon, this morning said that as we mourn, we also celebrate the life of Rev. Emmy Mugisha. Emmy was an integral part of  AGC Uganda and WGM Uganda and leaves behind a great legacy through his various ministries and positions in the church.
We were all stunned to receive the news last Sunday that Emmy was now enjoying Jesus face-to-face. As I sat through the services at AGC Kisugu and the burial out in the village what struck me was how influential this man was even though he had only been a Christian for 13 years and had so very little in the way of material possessions. He died living out the Great Commission as he impacted his family, community, and people in Kenya, South Sudan, and the States.
His wife, Winnie, and their 4 children will certainly miss Emmy’s presence in their lives. Pray for comfort, peace, and strength for them as they adjust to a life without Emmy. Pray that God will cover them with His feathers and that they will find refuge under His wings.
AGC Uganda will also miss Emmy. He filled so many different roles and served in so many places. Just to name a few—General Secretary for AGC Uganda as a whole, acting overseer for Soroti area, director of youth ministries, training for pastors and youth pastors, and the list goes on. Pray that young men and women will be challenged by Emmy’s life and give themselves wholly to serving God, filling in the many ministry gaps.
Of course, WGM Uganda will also miss Emmy. He was a friend, a brother, a co-worker. Always wearing a huge smile, he inspired us in the work that God has called us to do. Pray that we will do Kingdom work with the same enthusiasm and zeal that Emmy had.
If God could do so much for and through a man who was saved just 13 years ago, what could He do in and through you and me if we yielded ourselves completely to His power? 
-Beth Muehleisen

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