Monday, August 20, 2012

Come Back and Bring Them With You

This post is written by Justin Williams, a short-term team leader from this summer. 

Pray for each one on this team- that God would show them how He wants them to respond to what He did on this trip!

Trouble Conveying Mission Experience?  Come Back and Bring Them With You.

After my second trip to Uganda, my team and I were in the midst of a stirring debrief back in Indianapolis.  Each person in our group continued to successfully build on what the team member before them was saying.  It was a beautiful tapestry of fulfilled remembrance and an exuberance of seven hearts woven together by a bond they couldn’t quite share anywhere else.  We had all concluded that if we were to talk all night about the two weeks spent ministering and being ministered to, we couldn’t convey to someone who had never been, the minute by minute replay we were so thankful to Jesus for.  Words would never do justice to what our sweet Savior had allowed us to experience.  The sweet smiles and warmth of our brothers and sisters 8300 miles away will reside with us far into eternity.  Our team to this day remains shocked that God would so graciously lay bare our hearts and minister to us who came to minister to all in Uganda.

The difficult thing for the short-term missionary is how to convey the enormity of God’s purpose and pleasure during a trip such as this.  I struggled with this when I came back to the US in 2010.  Words could never do justice to what God did during my time in Uganda.  I spent 14 months trying to find ways to communicate it and realized that it would take a team to do the conveyance.  By the grace of the One whose plans are perfect, I was given the answer.  He was so right, this team has been passing the vision and fire with more vision and fire than I alone could muster.  I couldn’t begin to communicate the blessings that God has rained down on those who have been and heard.  I have a waiting list for 2014 and that means more teams.  His plans are perfect, take others and let them taste and see how good He is.

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