Thursday, September 13, 2012


I'm reading a great book, Godspeed, by Britt Merrick.  It is a challenging read, as he calls the American church to actually be the church on a mission with God.  I love that.  Today I am chewing on this passage {at about 18% on my Kindle}
"In order to live at Godspeed, the disciples abandoned everything hindering them from living on a mission with Christ.  What is Christ calling you to forsake?  What is hindering His mission from going forward in your life?  
It's a mistake to think your calling is going to look just like Peter's, because the call of every person is distinct.  For most of us, Jesus isn't calling us to leave. 
Instead He's calling us to stay and be faithful.  Even still, faithfulness often requires us to leave something behind.  Whether it's relinquishing a sin, a relationship, a consuming passion, or a selfish comfort, Jesus' call will radically affect our lives." -Britt Merrick
Ponder that.  Come back and leave a comment:  What does being on a mission with Christ look like for you?

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