Thursday, October 18, 2012

31 Days...

wondering why it's so quiet around here?  i've got a little project i'm working on over at our personal blog.  it's a 31 day series.  yes, you read that right. blogging for 31 days in a row on the same topic.  come on over! 

we're tackling the idea that your home is a launch pad.  not only are the little people you're raising going to be world changers, but you can change the world from right where you live! 

i'm really enjoying this 31 day challenge.  it just doesn't leave me any time to devote here.  so join us at today!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Stand with Us in Prayer

Thank you for joining through prayer what God is doing in Uganda.  God is prompting us to let others know the need for prayer.  Let us give you some background….

  • A couple of weeks ago all the World Gospel Mission Uganda missionaries met together for a wonderful time of worship and planning together.  We had a full day of seeking the Lord together as we asked Him to teach us and help us hear what it is He is inviting us to do through relationships with others.  It was a great day of building unity, setting goals and encouraging one another.
  • Last Saturday the Passion Africa Tour of 2012 held a worship experience in Kampala. We were privileged to join with approximately 30,000 other Christians to praise and worship Jesus.  It was awesome!  God’s word was preached in truth. Words of praise and commitment were sung for all to hear.    
  • Next Tuesday, October 9, is Independence Day in Uganda.  They are already in the process of celebrating 50 years of independence, which is intended to culminate in Independence Day celebrations.  Many activities of all kinds are taking place.  There is a call for Christians to pray together, dedicating the next 50 years to God’s purposes for Uganda.

There seems to be a pronounced stirring of spirits here and we are asking you to join us in praying God’s protection over His people as well as for His intervention.  World Gospel Mission is encountering what feels like opposition in some areas.  One area is a very real threat to some of our property where two missionary families live. Excessive water flow and run off from heavy rains and changing terrain with new buildings going up on the hillside is damaging the property.  Intervention must happen now to save the property from further significant damage.  This is costly and is taking lots of missionary time.

Other “oppositions” are not so easy to articulate, but Jeff and I have both sensed increased pressure from external sources that is decreasing our ability to focus and prioritize clearly.  Many “little” things are going wrong in attending to details of maintenance, scheduling, etc. There is some sickness among our missionaries. It seems clear to us our enemy is not pleased with all the praise to Jesus and the public alignment with the word of God in truth.  With all the good going on the enemy is “pushing back.”

Please join us in prayer! When we were on homeland assignment we promised we would let you know when we sensed the need for prayer and that time is now.  We are praying for God’s name to continue to be proclaimed in truth and praised freely. We are praying for God’s protection.  We are praying for people to experience Jesus in truth and have courage to follow Him, no matter what the personal cost may be.  We are asking God to intervene and protect the WGM property and bring glory to Himself out of this situation.  We are praying God’s encouragement and strength for our country director as he handles the details of all these situations.  We are praying God will hear our prayer and will heal our land through transforming lives as they move into right relationship with Him. We pray our enemy will experience defeat here and now as God is glorified.

Thank you for joining God in what He is doing in Uganda, and for praying with us.  We are forever grateful!

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