Monday, December 24, 2012

from Scott Rambo

If you've been following the events of #WGMTeamCongo over the past week, head over to the Rambo's blog and read the whole story.  You will be challenged, encouraged and hopefully led to join God in what He is doing in Congo.  We need you to fight alongside us! 

This is a war. This is a war that we are part of. Always in war there are casualties and often there is collateral damage, unintended consequences of the fight. We experienced some of this collateral damage last Friday (12/14). God had opened a door for us to go to Congo to participate in celebrations for a university graduation, pastoral ordinations, and new believers being baptized. The enemy, however, was willing to do whatever it took to keep us from getting there, including putting a small boy in the path of our vehicle....

Head over to "On the Road with the Rambo's" for the rest of the story...

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