Friday, February 22, 2013

Congo Delay?

UPDATE: Scott and Meg are not leaving at 6:30am, as they planned.  They have some car trouble, and have an appointment with our mechanic at 8am. 

I was reading this morning about Jesus walking on the water.  And how He even invited Peter to walk on top of impossibility by faith and that is definitely what Scott and Meg are doing- walking on impossibilities by faith into the Congo.  We could focus on this car trouble as a delay and perhaps start sinking... or we can fix our eyes on Jesus and thank Him that this problem happened in Kampala and not on the way to Congo! 

PRAY!  Pray hard, this is war.  Jesus was able to step into the boat and they found themselves miraculously on the other side.  We're praying for that same miracle today- that Jesus would be present in their car and they would find themselves immediately across the border to Congo TODAY!  Thank you for fighting with us!

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