Thursday, February 21, 2013

Congo Trip...again!

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Hey Prayer Team,

We mentioned in the broader email that we sent out the other day that we have a trip to Congo coming up. We want to ask you to really pray over this trip with us. This is the rescheduled trip that was postponed by the accident we had in December.

This will be Meg's first time to visit DRC and the first time we'll be taking our field director to see what we feel God has been leading us to. Even more than that though, there is a sense that this trip is important because we're not allowing the enemy to force us into backing down. We know that this is where God is leading us and we're choosing to be obedient, no matter what. But we're also not so naive to think that our choosing to go again somehow wins the battle or means we won't face opposition. Like I said after the accident, "this is war."

So would you join us in praying for this trip.
  • For protection for us, and those around us.
  • For protection for those who stay behind and deal with the backlash as we move forward. Specifically, our big boys and my sister's family who will be watching them.
  • For listening, learning hearts.
  • For divine appointments with the right people.
  • For our border crossing to go smoothly. We have the proper visas in hand, but that doesn't always matter in Congo.
  • For smooth travel and no vehicle issues.
  • For strength and courage as we make the drive again.
  • For God's purpose to prevail and not be hindered.
We cannot, dare not go into this trip without a covering of prayer. Will you stand with us? Will you hold us up?

We leave Arua today (late Wednesday night for you in the US) for Kampala and then drive to Beni on Friday. We'll be in Beni Saturday and Sunday and then drive back to Kampala on Monday and back to Arua on Tuesday. Would you begin to pray even now?

Thanks for fighting with us,
-Scott and Meg

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