Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Meet the Leisures

We are Raymond and Nicole Leisure serving with World Gospel Mission in Uganda, Africa. We have two children, Joshua -18, Katherine -14 here with us.   Joshua gave up his senior year to come with us and Katherine started her high school career here.

Nicole has been a teaching elementary school for 7 years, 3 years working with pre-schoolers.   Now Nicole is serving the Lord as a second grade teacher at Heritage International School in Kampala, Uganda. Showing and sharing Christ's love to a classroom of students from five different countries. Joshua & Katherine both attend the school as well.

Raymond has worked in many jobs over the years, from mechanic to computer support and network analyst, this includes alternative fuels as a hobby. He currently serves the field by doing maintenance for WGM, helps with Heritage’s computer network, works on alternate fuel sources (mostly relating to cooking) and any other projects that he is able to assist in.  Most of this falls under Community Health Evangelism (CHE).  When CHE is used, it can transform sick and dying (physically and spiritually) communities into thriving villages/communities that love the Lord.  Raymond is also learning about Biblical Orality.  Biblical Orality is a method of teaching the bible to those that can’t read (or prefer not to) in such a way that they remember and accurately pass on whole Bible stories. 
Next week we will share with you our call and how the Lord brought us to Uganda.

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