Friday, May 31, 2013

Heritage Graduation TODAY!

Would you join us in praying for the 2013 graduating class from Heritage {and their families}?  We've grown to love these kids, and it is exciting and hard to send them out into the world, literally!  Two of the graduating seniors are from World Gospel Mission~ Congratulations, Kaleb Hopson and Josh Leisure!

And check out Kendra's blog post about graduating today.  Kendra is a graduating senior, and a true Third Culture Kid {she is Canadian, grew up in Greece, returned to Canada, and then moved to Uganda all before her high school graduation!}.  Her poem titled: Airport says it all.  These young people need our prayers!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Are You Prevailing?

We have been joining with one of our supporting churches in a verse-by-verse study of God’s word to us in the book of Exodus. Through it God is teaching us about prayer.

Moses was the leader of the Jews as they were freed from Egypt and called to be God’s chosen people. In their battle against Amalek God appointed Moses to station himself on top of the hill while the battle raged in the valley. God told Moses to lift the staff of God high so God’s people might prevail. It was too long of a battle for Moses to keep his arms uplifted. God had called others there to help Moses prevail in holding up the staff of God. It was vitally important that Moses and the others prevail in obedience for God’s people to prevail in the battle.

We are learning all over again that when God calls us to pray while the battle rages on that we must indeed prevail in obedience. It is vitally important to prevail in prayer in order for God’s people to prevail in battle.

We realize we are not called to pray in order for God to hear what we have to tell Him. We are called into active prayer that we might hear things only God can tell us. It is through prevailing prayer we hear about His plans, His purposes, His will and His direction.

Are you praying for missionaries? Are you praying for God’s word to bear fruit in Uganda? Please prevail in prayer. Only then can God’s people prevail in their participation in God’s redemptive work. It is vitally important for prayer warriors to prevail in prayer so God’s people will prevail in the battle. Pray like it really matters….because it does!

by Jeff and Christine Stanfield
With thanks to Pastor Gregg Lamm, 2nd Street Community Church

Monday, May 13, 2013

Feed My Sheep

When God invited us to leave Kenya and join Him in Uganda, one of our first questions to Him was, “What do you want us to do there?” World Gospel Mission (WGM) doesn’t have an information technology (IT) department nor do they have a medical work in Uganda. Why was God inviting a couple trained in IT and nursing to Uganda? God’s clear answer was, “Come join Me and feed My sheep.”

“Really Lord, is that what we are supposed to tell people when they ask what we will do…. feed sheep?” But as God stood firm in His answer every time we asked we realized that in Uganda our roles and responsibilities might not be as well defined as they were in Kenya.

We stand amazed at the “feeding opportunities” God brings our way. We are blessed to be part of what God is doing in His people. Below are a few examples.

Our first three months in Uganda we were in language/culture class. We had the opportunity to share our testimonies and God’s word with two of our teachers. They asked lots of questions about our faith and our relationship with Jesus. We trust Jesus to bear fruit from His word in them.

Christine joined women leaders of Africa Gospel Church in a small community to speak in a women’s conference. One attendee told Christine, “We are hungry for the Word of God. Thank you for feeding us on His word.”

Jeff has fed many “sheep” through preaching, prayer, conversation and the ministry of presence while sharing life with others. We love seeing God at work and count it a privilege to “feed His sheep.” -by Jeff and Christine Stanfield

Monday, May 6, 2013

Meet the Stanfields

We are Jeff and Christine Stanfield, currently serving with World Gospel Mission (WGM) in Uganda. It still feels a little weird to put in writing; that we are in Uganda. That’s because we served with WGM in Kenya for most of our marriage, based at Tenwek Hospital.

Tenwek is where we raised our two children. Lizz, our firstborn, currently lives in Indiana. Her husband is an accountant. They have one child. Our son, Chris, is a university student in Oregon. These dear ones enrich our lives.

Throughout our 21 years in Kenya we served in various capacities with WGM and Africa Gospel Church (AGC). We took chances, faced challenges and saw many changes. Through it all we experienced God’s faithfulness and provision.

As new missionaries, we claimed 2 Corinthians 3:4-5 for our life verses, reminding us that “God is our adequacy.” We relied on God’s help in adapting to a new culture and learning to use our professional skills in new ways. We sought His help in building relationships.

Now, 22 years later, we continue to trust God as our adequacy. We moved to Uganda in August of 2012. We rely on God as we learn the new cultures and meet people. We seek His help as we fulfill the role of assistant country director for WGM, provide member care, participate in training Africans and connect people to Jesus.

We enjoy exploring ministry through Africa Gospel Church (AGC). God has provided us with a broad base of experience on which we can build. Working with/through the church is a burden God has laid on our hearts. He is preparing the way for us to help people deepen their relationships with God.

If you would like to receive regular updates on how God is working in Uganda and beyond, please visit our blog and/or send us your e-mail contact and we’ll add you to our list.

Jeff & Christine


Saturday, May 4, 2013

Not just Preachers Needed!

Hope this video by Ray Leisure opened your eyes to the many ways you can be a missionary in Uganda or around the world.  God can use anyone who is willing, no matter what your skills and talents are!  Could God be calling you? 

If you are interested in serving, check out!