Monday, May 27, 2013

Are You Prevailing?

We have been joining with one of our supporting churches in a verse-by-verse study of God’s word to us in the book of Exodus. Through it God is teaching us about prayer.

Moses was the leader of the Jews as they were freed from Egypt and called to be God’s chosen people. In their battle against Amalek God appointed Moses to station himself on top of the hill while the battle raged in the valley. God told Moses to lift the staff of God high so God’s people might prevail. It was too long of a battle for Moses to keep his arms uplifted. God had called others there to help Moses prevail in holding up the staff of God. It was vitally important that Moses and the others prevail in obedience for God’s people to prevail in the battle.

We are learning all over again that when God calls us to pray while the battle rages on that we must indeed prevail in obedience. It is vitally important to prevail in prayer in order for God’s people to prevail in battle.

We realize we are not called to pray in order for God to hear what we have to tell Him. We are called into active prayer that we might hear things only God can tell us. It is through prevailing prayer we hear about His plans, His purposes, His will and His direction.

Are you praying for missionaries? Are you praying for God’s word to bear fruit in Uganda? Please prevail in prayer. Only then can God’s people prevail in their participation in God’s redemptive work. It is vitally important for prayer warriors to prevail in prayer so God’s people will prevail in the battle. Pray like it really matters….because it does!

by Jeff and Christine Stanfield
With thanks to Pastor Gregg Lamm, 2nd Street Community Church

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