Monday, May 13, 2013

Feed My Sheep

When God invited us to leave Kenya and join Him in Uganda, one of our first questions to Him was, “What do you want us to do there?” World Gospel Mission (WGM) doesn’t have an information technology (IT) department nor do they have a medical work in Uganda. Why was God inviting a couple trained in IT and nursing to Uganda? God’s clear answer was, “Come join Me and feed My sheep.”

“Really Lord, is that what we are supposed to tell people when they ask what we will do…. feed sheep?” But as God stood firm in His answer every time we asked we realized that in Uganda our roles and responsibilities might not be as well defined as they were in Kenya.

We stand amazed at the “feeding opportunities” God brings our way. We are blessed to be part of what God is doing in His people. Below are a few examples.

Our first three months in Uganda we were in language/culture class. We had the opportunity to share our testimonies and God’s word with two of our teachers. They asked lots of questions about our faith and our relationship with Jesus. We trust Jesus to bear fruit from His word in them.

Christine joined women leaders of Africa Gospel Church in a small community to speak in a women’s conference. One attendee told Christine, “We are hungry for the Word of God. Thank you for feeding us on His word.”

Jeff has fed many “sheep” through preaching, prayer, conversation and the ministry of presence while sharing life with others. We love seeing God at work and count it a privilege to “feed His sheep.” -by Jeff and Christine Stanfield

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