Monday, June 24, 2013

Metz Family: How They Got Here

In January of 2013, during a lunch conversation with Frank Martin, a friend and pastor to missionaries, the Holy Spirit gripped Nathan's heart and placed a clear and certain call to the work being done in Uganda.  Nathan called Jade as soon as he could.  Since that moment Nathan and Jade have walked step by step in faith and enjoyed the gentle confirmations God has blessed them with.  In May, Nathan and Jade were officially accepted as Missionary Disciples to Uganda through World Gospel Mission, a 103 year old mission sending agency. 
God doesn’t always speak to us in flashes of light or booms of thunder.  Sometimes we have to wait for the noise to subside so that we can hear His voice in a soft whisper.  Such is the case in their calling.  God spoke to Nathan as he sat across the table from a trusted brother in Christ.  As that man shared about the needs of the church in Uganda, God whispered “this is your work, go”. Now they prepare to leave their home and serve the church in Uganda.  What a gracious and loving God we serve that He should use us for the work of His Kingdom!
by Nathan Metz

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