Saturday, August 10, 2013

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It might just be this one.  If you read only one thing today- let it be this:

From Strangers to Missionaries: Strategy for Mission

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August Prayer Requests

Thanks so much for all you accomplish on our behalf through prayer here in Uganda. What a difference you make!
As you pray for AGC Uganda, pray Psalm 101:1-4 for our pastors and church leaders. Pray that they will sing of God’s steadfast love and justice, and that they will think about the way that is blameless. Pray that they will walk with integrity of heart within God’s house and that they won’t set anything that is worthless before their eyes. Pray that they will hate the work of those who fall away and that whatever caused others to fall away won’t cling to them. Pray that our pastors and church leaders won’t have perverse hearts and will know nothing of evil.  

As you pray for WGM Uganda missionaries, ask God to remind us daily to die to self so that others may live. And that as we demonstrate this in our lives, the African Christians will also begin to yearn to have this spiritual reality in their lives.  2 Corinthians 4:10-12
How you can be Praying for WGM Uganda
Ministry Praises and Prayer Requests      
  • Pray for 168 prayer partners who will commit to praying for 1 hour each week for Uganda.
  • Pray for AGC Uganda as they also begin to recruit people in the local churches to sign up for 1 hour each week to pray. A number have already signed up for an hour during the night--not just for an hour each week!
  • The women’s conference in Bugiri went very well with around 30 women from the area participating. A number of them are widows and several talked about broken relationships with their husbands. We were able to pray with them and encourage them as we talked together.
  • Christine Stanfield, Miria Mukisa, Winnie Mugisha, and Caroline Ouma will be traveling to Busia for special meetings with the women the weekend of August 16 and 17. Pray for protection as they travel on public transport and for God’s anointing as they speak to the women of that area.
  • A number of missionaries are on Home Ministry Assignment now. Pray for those left on the field and for those who are in the States raising their support to return. 
  • Pray for the pastors and their families in AGC Uganda. Several are struggling with marital issues.
  • John and Beth Muehleisen are traveling to South Sudan on Friday, August 2, to facilitate the second week of training for the second group in South Sudan. Pray that all of the facilitators will be able to speak with clarity and that those translating into Dinka will understand well enough to translate accurately.
  • Jeff and Christine Stanfield are preparing to go to Burundi along with Rick Morse the last week of September to start a series of Community Health Empowerment trainings for the Burundi Parables Church. Pray for God to open the eyes of the participants to see their communities the way He sees them, and that they will be given a God-sized vision that they are willing to embrace to bring transformation to their communities.
  • Heritage International School begins again on August 15. Pray for unity of hearts and minds among administration, faculty, and students so that God will have great freedom to work on the campus this year--drawing the lost to Himself and growing others up in the faith.
  • The first week of September will be Spiritual Emphasis Week at Heritage. Pray for the special speakers and for the students to be touched in a way that will give a good spiritual foundation for the school year.