Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Why Congo?

Survey Trip to Congo July 2012
We get this question, or some version of this question, a lot.

“Why Congo?” “Why would you take your family to Congo?” “Congo? It’s not safe there, is it?” “Don’t they have some kind of war, or rebellion, or something there?” “Wouldn’t it be easier to stay in Uganda?”

And a lot of that is true. Congo hasn’t been the safest place on earth for the past few decades. The country has been stuck in a cycle of war and rebellion since the mid-1990’s. There have been atrocities committed, war crimes perpetrated, unspeakable tragedies wrought. It is easy to see why, more than a one hundred years after Joseph Conrad wrote his book, people still think of Congo as the Heart of Darkness.

And, yes, it would be easier for us to stay in Uganda.

But it wouldn’t be better. God has called us to the Congo and He is the One opening doors for us there. For us to ignore God’s call by not going to Congo would be like Jonah fleeing to Tarshish, rather than following God to Ninevah. Jesus never called Christians to a life of safety or security (Lk 21:12; Jn 15:18-21; Mt 10:16-25; 1 Pt 4:13-14; 2 Cor 4:8-12), He promised to be with us through it (Mt 28:20; Heb 13:6; Rom 8:31-39). The fact remains that God’s heart is to speak light into darkness (2 Cor 4:6; Jn 1:5; Col 1:13; Acts 26:16-18; 1 Pt 2:9), peace into instability (Jn 14:27; Jn 16:33), and hope into despair (1 Pt 1:3; Rom 8:24-25; Hb 11:1).

We believe that the primary way that God brings this transformation to lives and communities is through people engaging the Word of God; the Scriptures and the Person, Jesus. And so we are taking the tools He has put in our toolbox and offering them to those who lack equipping to do what God has called them to do. 

Some of those tools are:
  • training for pastors and leaders to engage and share the Word and lead the church, 
  • discipleship for university students seeking to make a difference in their country, 
  • and community-based development that is holistic and shows God’s love for the whole person, spiritually and physically.

God has called our family to Congo. God is the One opening the doors for us in Congo. We believe that God is and will raise up a team to join us in this work, both senders and fellow workers. Even though God is still working in Uganda and it would be easier to remain there, we cannot. We are excited about the possibilities that lie before us in Congo and we are looking forward with anticipation to see how God, Whom we have seen at work in the past, will make a way for His kingdom in the future.  
-by Scott Rambo

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