Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Video: University in DRCongo

A little glimpse into what God is doing through like-minded groups that are open to partnering together to bring transformation in Congo.

and here's a link to Universit√© Chr√©tienne Bilingue du Congo (UCBC):

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Prayer Update

Thank you for keeping the field’s ministries and missionaries before the Lord. The time you spend praying is time invested well. We can feel the difference you make.  
·         Pray for the Mayo family. They have all been sick for a couple of weeks and can’t seem to get better. Lisa is having a lot of dizziness and will be going to the doctor later this week, and Jonathan’s father is also in the hospital with congestive heart failure.
·         Pray for the missionaries who are currently raising their support that they will be a blessing to those they meet with and the churches they speak in. Also pray for protection as they travel and for the health of all family members. (Leisure, Metz, Williams, Hallahan, Rambo, Hopson)
Africa Gospel Church Uganda
·         Pray for the health of the pastors and their wives. Specifically, pray for Rev. David Dhikusooka, Rev. James Ouma, and Rose Owor (Rev. Martin’s wife).
·         Pray for strong marriages for the pastors and their wives so that they will be godly models to their communities.
·         Pray that the pastors will be men of integrity in all of their business pursuits as well as church activities.
·         Pray for an outpouring of God’s Spirit on the church as a whole that will convict of guilt in regard to sin and unrighteousness.
·         Pray that the church leadership will be transformed by the renewing of their minds so that they can help themselves and the local people overcome a “poverty” mindset.
Heritage International School
·         A very big prayer request is for the accreditation process that the school staff is preparing for right now. Lisa Mayo is carrying a heavy load as she is one of the main administrators overseeing this process. Pray that the staff will get the necessary paperwork done within the deadlines and that God will grant the school favor when the accrediting team comes for a visit on the 26th of March.
University Discipleship Movement
·         Praise God for the good turnout (60) last Saturday with university students for an introductory seminar on the “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.” Pray that the students who were challenged by the presentation will begin practicing what they were taught.
·         Several Bible study and discipleship groups are now meeting at the International University of East Africa. Pray that God will do a great work in their lives as they participate in these groups.
·         Pray for wisdom for those leading the ministry (Kennedy Kirui, Edwin Eregwa, Laura Oyeri, Hezekiah Aurah) as they provide counselling for those who have deep spiritual needs.
·         Pray for open doors and open hearts for the many international students coming to the universities in Kampala. The government of Nigeria is paying for 200 Muslim students to attend IUEA. What an opportunity to make an impact in Nigeria! There are also many Zambians, Rwandese, Sudanese, and Somalis coming to study in Uganda.
Community Health Empowerment
·         Tiana Duncan will be coming to Uganda in early March to help out with the CHE ministry teams in various communities. Pray that God will bless her time here and help her in transitioning to yet another country. In her 2-year Missionary Disciple term, she has been in Zambia, South Sudan, and now Uganda.
·         The CHE training schedule has been set up for the rest of this year, and there are at least 9 different training events on the calendar. Pray that these events won’t just be activity, but that there will be real transformation in communities.
·         Pray for Jennipher Wasirimba, our CHE coordinator, as she travels to various communities to oversee the training teams. Pray that the Holy Spirit will provide her with great answers to the hard questions that are asked.
·         There are still ongoing needs for translation of CHE materials into other languages. A couple of good contacts have been made for help in translating some basic materials into Kirundi.
·         Pray that as trainings are held that the power of God and the facilitators’ lessons will create an atmosphere in which people can grasp the idea that God has provided all that they need to bring change to their lives, their families, and their communities.