Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July Prayer Update

Dear Prayer Team,

I would like to ask you to join with me in prayer for our own nation. Anne Graham Lotz has issued an Urgent Call to Prayer recently for the first 7 days of July:http://www.annegrahamlotz.com/events/urgent-call-to-prayer/

The following is copied from the devotional that Aletha Hinthorn sent out today.

Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of evangelist Billy Graham, has a demanding schedule, full of writing projects and speaking engagements. She also takes care of her husband of 47 years, Danny Lotz, who has been ill for quite some time.

She recently wrote, "While at home caring for my husband, I have had time to be quiet and listen more to the whispers of the Spirit. He has revealed things to me in the stillness that I'm not sure I would have heard in my former busyness. One of the things He has impressed on me is that we are living at the end of human history as we know it."
Just recently, God asked Anne to call His people in our nation to prayer. Joel wrote, "Blow the trumpet...sound the alarm...for the day of the Lord is coming. It is close at hand--Rend your heart and not your garments. Return to the Lord your God..." (2:1, 13).
In obedience, she is blowing the trumpet...sounding the alarm...issuing a national prayer initiative entitled 7 7 7:  An Urgent Call to Prayer.
Today is the first day of this call. On the 7th day, July 7, we are to pray and fast for 7 hours (of our choosing).
In Anne's message to a large crowd in the Capitol on the National Day of Prayer, she warned of God's soon-coming judgment on our nation. Alarms are going off, but are we hearing them? God is trying to wake us up before it's too late. We must put aside perfunctory prayers, mechanical prayers, prayers where we just check it off. "It's not just words. It's a cry."
She declared, "Judgment is coming. God's patience is running out. And that's a word from the Lord."
Perhaps you or even your small group could watch her 29-minute message given to a large crowd in the nation's capitol on the 2014 National Day of Prayer. You will find it at  http://www.god.tv/national-day-of-prayer/video/national-day-of-prayer/anne-graham-lot


  • Pray for Lisa Fish as she transitions from ministry here back to the States. She is having some medical issues so pray for good medical care and for the next steps as the Lord leads her onward.
  • Pray for the missionaries who are currently raising their support that they will be a blessing to those they meet with and the churches they speak in. Also pray for protection as they travel and for the health of all family members. (Burke, Leisure, Metz, Williams, Rambo)
  • Praise the Lord that Kenneth and Delight Hopson arrived back in Uganda on June 24. Continue to pray for their transition back to life and ministry here.
  • The Hallahan family would appreciate prayer as they wrap up their time in the States and head back to Uganda on July 17. Pray that during this time of transition they will be surrounded by God’s grace and peace.
  • Nathan Metz was just here in Uganda for 2 weeks getting a feel for the ministries here. Pray for Nathan and Jade and the children as they also begin wrapping up their lives in the States with the plan of heading this way in mid-September.
  • Scott and Meg Rambo are anticipating the arrival of baby Elijah later in the summer. Pray that God will keep Meg and the baby healthy and for the family. Also pray for new contacts for Scott and Meg to share about God’s vision for Congo.

Africa Gospel Church Uganda

  • The Executive Committee of AGC Uganda will be meeting on Friday this week. Pray for godly decisions to be made and for the collective will of the group to carry those decisions through to completion.
  • Pray for strong marriages for the pastors and their wives so that they will be godly models to their communities.
  • Pray that the pastors will be men of integrity in all of their business pursuits as well as church activities.
  • Pray for an outpouring of God’s Spirit on the church as a whole that will convict of guilt in regard to sin and unrighteousness.
  • Pray that AGC Uganda will become a giving church, seeking God’s kingdom of righteousness above everything else.
  • Pray that the church leadership will be transformed by the renewing of their minds so that they can help themselves and the local people overcome a “poverty” mindset.

Heritage International School

  • Praise God that most of the teaching positions have been filled for the next school year already.
  • Pray that God will supply a 4th grade teacher and a high school math teacher for this next school year.

University Discipleship Movement                                                      

  • The UDM leadership is working to come up with a 2-3 year curriculum to use with university students that will bring spiritual growth; but more than that, will lead to reproducing disciples of Jesus Christ working in Africa’s marketplace once they have earned their university degrees.
  • Pray for God’s provision of another place close to the university campuses in Kampala which can be used for offices and small group meetings. The place currently being rented will only be available for the ministry to use until August 2015.

Community Health Empowerment

  • Pray for Jennipher Wasirimba, our CHE coordinator, as she travels to various communities to oversee the training teams. Pray that the Holy Spirit will provide her with great answers to the hard questions that are asked.
  • Jennipher brought a report today that Pastor Simon from Kamuli is much encouraged by what is happening in his community through CHE. The pastors are finding that their work is much easier because the CHEs (community health educators) are sharing the Gospel in the homes they visit and their churches are beginning to experience growth. Pastor Simon also told her that there is more unity in the community as the CHEs don’t discriminate. They visit both Christian and Muslim homes sharing the health lessons.
  • Progress has been made in getting a core set of lessons translated into Kirundi to use in Burundi. We are now waiting on feedback from the group we are working with in Burundi to finalize the translation work.
  • Pray that as trainings are held that the power of God and the facilitators’ lessons will create an atmosphere in which people can grasp the idea that God has provided all that they need to bring change to their lives, their families, and their communities.
  • John Muehleisen and Tiana Duncan are working on the CHE lessons to develop a much more simplified format as well as much simpler English. They are finding it a challenge to come up with very simple English words to express the CHE lessons. Pray for God’s help in this process.

Southern Uganda Missionaries
  • Jonathan & Lisa Mayo (Jordan & Ethan) – field director, secondary principal at Heritage International School
  • Josh and Kelly Hallahan (Caleb, Seth, & Elizabeth) working with university students (HMA)
  • Kenneth & Delight Hopson (Kaleb, Austin, & Emilee)- print shop ministry, librarian at Heritage International School (HMA)
  • Lisa Fish (youth ministries at Heritage, youth ministries with the church) (HMA)
  • John & Beth Muehleisen  (CHE ministry, university students in Kampala, AGC Uganda church leaders)
  • Jeff & Christine Stanfield (assistant field director, CHE ministry, working with AGC Uganda)
  • Matt and Joy Burke (Judah & Lily - preschoolers) CHE ministry, Pastoral Training (HMA)
  • Raymond & Nicole Leisure (Josh & Katherine) CHE ministry, field maintenance, teacher at Heritage International School
Northern Uganda Missionaries
  • Billy & Joanna Coppedge (Elsie Jayne, Lucy Mae, Sophia, & Chloe) pastoral training ministry
  • Scott & Meg Rambo (Timothy, Benjamin, & Josiah) pastoral training ministry, CHE ministry (HMA)
New Missionaries Preparing to Serve in Uganda    
  • Justin & Debbie Williams (Micah, Lexi, & Levi) pastoral training
  • Nathan & Jade Metz (Maddix, Sophie, Ezra, & Ruby Ann) pastoral training, compassionate ministries
Uganda Field Pastors 
  •  Rick and Janie Burkhalter (visit Uganda missionaries twice each year) 

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