Friday, August 1, 2014

August Prayer Update

Dear Prayer Team,

Thank you for bearing the needs of our missionaries and ministries before the throne of God. Hallelujah! He answers when we call to Him.

We would also ask you to join us as we fast as a field next Monday, August 4th.
Let us know if there are needs that we can pray for you as well. We meet several times a month on Sunday evenings to pray together.


  • We are praising the Lord for some new additions to our Uganda team of missionaries. Lisette Lewis will be coming next year to help with children’s ministries in CHE and HIS, and Brady and Alicia Searl are looking forward to working with university students and with students at HIS.
  • Pray for the missionaries who are currently raising their support that they will be a blessing to those they meet with and the churches they speak in. Also pray for protection as they travel and for the health of all family members. (Burke, Leisure, Lewis, Metz, Williams, Rambo, Searl)
  • The Hallahan family has returned, and they are doing well in their transition to life and ministry.
  • Pray for Nathan and Jade and the children as they begin wrapping up their lives in the States with the plan of heading this way in mid-September. They will be attending a 5-week missionary training course before coming to Uganda.
  • Scott and Meg Rambo praise God for the safe arrival of baby Elijah. Both Meg and the baby are doing well.  Continue to pray for new contacts for Scott and Meg to share about God’s vision for Congo.
  • Pray for Billy and Joanna Coppedge and their girls as they move to Scotland and Billy prepares to enter a doctoral studies program.

Africa Gospel Church Uganda
  • Pastor Miria, the Kampala area overseer, lost her brother this past week. Please ask the Lord to grant them comfort and peace of heart and mind as they grieve.
  • Please begin praying now for church leadership elections which will be held in November and December. Area overseers will be elected in November, and the bishop and the general secretary will be elected in December. Pray for godly men and women to be elected to all of these positions.
  • Along with the administrative responsibilities that the bishop and assistant bishop have, they are also working on further education. Please pray for God to sustain them daily and to take care of their families when they are in Kenya attending classes.  
  • Pray for strong marriages for the pastors and their wives so that they will be godly models to their communities.
  • Pray that the pastors will be men of integrity in all of their business pursuits as well as church activities.
  • Pray for an outpouring of God’s Spirit on the church as a whole that will convict of guilt in regard to sin and unrighteousness.
  • Pray that AGC Uganda will become a giving church, seeking God’s kingdom of righteousness above everything else.
  • Pray that the church leadership will be transformed by the renewing of their minds so that they can help themselves and the local people overcome a “poverty” mindset.

Heritage International School
  • Praise God that most of the teaching positions have been filled for the next school year already.
  • Pray that God will supply a 4th grade teacher for this next school year.
  • Pray for our missionary kids as they begin a new school year. Registration is on 13 August and classes start on the 14th. We have 2 seniors (Austin Hopson & Jordan Mayo), 2 sophomores (Emilee Hopson & Ethan Mayo), 1 second grader (Caleb Hallahan), and 1 first grader (Seth Hallahan).

University Discipleship Movement                                                      
  • Pray for the university students that will be coming back in the middle of August to begin a new semester. Often many start their classes late because their families are still trying to come up with the money to pay their school bills.
  • Pray that the university ministry leadership will come up with creative ways of reaching out to the new students and getting them involved in United Faith Church.
  • There will be a meeting of the leadership team on Wednesday, the 6th, next week. Pray for wisdom and direction, and that the best possible decisions will be made.
  • Praise the Lord that a new intern has joined the leadership team.
  • The UDM leadership is working to come up with a 2-3 year curriculum to use with university students that will bring spiritual growth; but more than that, will lead to reproducing disciples of Jesus Christ working in Africa’s marketplace once they have earned their university degrees. Ask God to grant wisdom in the decisions that need to be made.
  • Pray for God’s provision of another place close to the university campuses in Kampala which can be used for offices and small group meetings. The place currently being rented will only be available for the ministry to use until August 2015.

Community Health Empowerment
  • Pray for Jennipher Wasirimba, our CHE coordinator, as she travels to various communities to oversee the training teams. Pray that the Holy Spirit will provide her with great answers to the hard questions that are asked.
  • Pray that Jeff and Christine Stanfield will be able to work out dates for the next training in Burundi before they go home for home ministry assignment in early November. The ideal time for them would be the first part of September.
  • Pray that as trainings are held that the power of God and the facilitators’ lessons will create an atmosphere in which people can grasp the idea that God has provided all that they need to bring change to their lives, their families, and their communities.
  • The Muehleisens, Tiana Duncan, and Jennipher Wasirimba will be traveling to Palissa in eastern Uganda for TOT 2 which will be held August 14-18. Pray for good health, safe travel, and good discussions for all those who will be attending.
  • Pray also for Adhanom Hidug, WGM staff working in South Sudan. He and several others will be facilitating a TOT 2 the first week of August near Rumbek. The Muehleisens and Tiana Duncan were originally scheduled to go, but because of security concerns, it was decided that they not go for this training. Pray for Adhanom’s heart and mind to be at peace as he leads this week of training.

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